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Who we are

With branches in Tyger Valley and the City Bowl, Lasermed was established in 2004 by a group of leading dermatologists. Our aim has always been to promote skin health and rejuvenation through the ethical and scientific use of leading technology. Under the expert supervision of dermatologists, our laser operators and therapists operate the most advanced laser technology to effectively treat skin disorders/concerns, vein and hair removal treatments with a variety of lasers, medical peels and other specialised interventions. Certain medical grade lasers are used only by our dermatologists. We also offer aesthetic medicine and sexual health by Dr Heather Blaylock.

To ensure the best possible experience, we offer free consultations and patch tests. Before starting any treatment, we provide you with adequate information to make an informed decision.


Acne scarring isn’t a death sentence anymore

October 8th, 2018|Comments Off on Acne scarring isn’t a death sentence anymore

There are several ways to improve the appearance of your acne scars at Lasermed, depending on their

Add some sparkle to your skin

October 8th, 2018|Comments Off on Add some sparkle to your skin

Ageing is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength. I think as we age

Improved appearance for rosacea sufferers

September 11th, 2018|Comments Off on Improved appearance for rosacea sufferers

Often unrecognised, rosacea is a common disorder. It typically causes blushing reactions on a person's face and


I was diagnosed with Rosacea at the age of 27. Dermatologist Dr Brönn referred me to Lasermed in 2017. Now entering my second year of three IPL sessions per year, I’ve had the most incredible result. The visible redness is gone, no more broken facial veins and my complexion is more even. I also started using the NeoStrata Bio-Hydrating Cream. Lasermed has changed my life!
Maggie Botha
Growing up I had a lot going for me. Unfortunately I lost everything because of drugs, which lead to a life of crime. In jail I was introduced to amateur tattooing. It never occurred to me that I was throwing my life away. After jail I couldn’t find work and people pre-judged me.To change my life for the better, I met the dedicated team at Lasermed to remove my tattoos. The experience and results are amazing. Thank you Penny and staff for the second chance I received in life.
Antonio Domingo
I’m a 53-year-old woman and since I started with Dermapen needling, chemical peels and IPL treatments on my face I’ve received more compliments on my skin than I can mention. Lasermed’s service is professional, yet personal.
Chrizelda Swart